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Last Updated Jan 2001

Copyright 2001 The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Copies of new papers published in the astronomical literature by members of our branch will be made available via the WWW. Old publications will be added as resources permit.

All papers are copyrighted by the respective publisher.

Journal Articles:

GSPC 2.1: An all-sky set of (B)-V-R photometric calibrators for Schmidt surveys, GSPC 2.1: First release
Bucciarell, B, et al 2001

GSC 1.2 -- The Guide Star Catalog, Version 1.2: An Astrometric Recalibration and Other Refinements.
(2M postscript)
J.Morrison, S.Roser, B.McLean, B.Bucciarelli and B.Lasker

Development of the Astronomical Image Archive and Catalog Database for Production of GSC-II
(or 750k Word Presentation)
G.Greene, B.McLean and B.Lasker
1998 Journal of Future Generation Computing Systems.

Completing the Local Sample with TYCHO
(42k Postscript)
R.L.Smart, R.Pannunzio, M.G.Lattanzi and B.J.McLean
XXIIIrd IAU General Assembly, JD10
1998 Highlights in Astronomy, 11. In Press

Faint Photometric BVR CCD Sequences :
The North Galactic Pole and the Anticenter

(160k postscript)
A. Spagna, M.G. Lattanzi, B.J. McLean, G. Massone and B.M. Lasker
1998 Astron.Astrophys.Supp. 130, 359

Membership and Proper Motions of the Open Cluster Stock 2 from the GSC-II Plate Material
(800k postscript)
G.Hawkins, A.Spagna and F.Favata
1997 Mem.S.A.It, 68,4

A Schmidt Plate Coma-like Term
(400k postscript)
J.E.Morrison, S.Roser, B.M.Lasker, R.L.Smart and L.G.Taff
1996 Astron.J., 111, 1405

Galactic Structure along the Main Meridional Section of the Galaxy I - The North Galactic Pole (N321) Field
(2M postscript)
A. Spagna, M.G. Lattanzi, B.M. Lasker, B.J. McLean, G. Massone and L. Lanteri
1996 Astron.Astrophys, 311, 758

Conference Proceedings:

The Second Generation Guide Star Catalog
ADASS X, Boston November 2000

DSS-II and GSC-II : STScI All-Sky Image and Catalog Databases
B.M.Lasker, G.R.Greene, M.G.Lattanzi, B.J.McLean and A.Volpicelli
1998 Proceedings of Workshop "Astrophysics and Algorithms : a DIMACS Workshop on Massive Astronomical Datasets.

The GSC-I and GSC-II Databases : An Object-Oriented Approach
(2.5M postscript)
G. Greene, B.J. McLean, B. Lasker, D. Wolfe, R. Morbidelli and A. Volpicelli
1997 IAU Symposium 179, p.474

Contents, Test Results, and Data Availability for GSC 1.2
(66k postscript)
S. Roeser. J. Morrison, B. Bucciarelli, B. Lasker and B.J. McLean
1997 IAU Symposium 179, p.420

GSPC-II: A Catalog of Photometric Calibrators for the Second Generation Guide Star Catalog
(50k postscript)
M. Postman, B. Bucciarelli, C. Sturch, T. Borgman, R. Casalegno, J. Doggett and E. Costa
1997 IAU Symposium 179, p.379

Techniques for Schmidt Plate Reductions with Application to GSC 1.2
(53k postscript)
J. Morrison and S. Roeser
1997 IAU Symposium 179, p.381

Galactic Structure with GSC-II Material :
The North Galactic Pole and the Stock-2 Cluster Regions

(660k postscript)
A. Spagna, M.G. Lattanzi, G. Massone, B.J. McLean and B.M. Lasker
1997 IAU Symposium 179, p.228

The Second Guide Star Catalogue
(45k postscript)
B.J. McLean, G. Hawkins, A. Spagna, M. Lattanzi, B.M. Lasker, H. Jenkner and R. White
1997 IAU Symposium 179, p.431

Comparisons with Galaxy Models in the NGP Field
(440k postscript)
A. Spagna, M.G. Lattanzi and B.Lasker
To be published in the proceedings of Proper Motions and Galactic Astronomy meeting in Minneapolis.
ASP Conference Series - in press

The Palomar - STScI Digitized Sky Survey (POSS-II) : Preliminary Data Availability
(65k postscript)
B.M.Lasker, J.Doggett, B.McLean, C.Sturch,S.Djorgovski, R.DeCarvalho and I.N.Reid
To be published in the proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems
1996 ASP Conference Series, p88.

Meeting Presentations:

GSC2.2 vs SDSS EDR: Astrometry, Photometry, Classification
V. G. Laidler
Presented at the January 2002 AAS Meeting in Washington, DC.

Canaries in the Data Mine? Using Imprinting to Enhance Supervised Classification Techniques
V. G. Laidler
Presented at the 2001 annual meeting of the Classification Society of North America, St Louis, MO 06/01

Review of Ground-Based Wide-Area Surveys
Review of Ground-Based Wide-Area Surveys, NVO Workshop Caltech June 2000

Predicted Deep Near-IR Starcounts for the NGST Guide Star System
(5MB Postscript)
Preliminary findings for an NGST study presented to NGST Operations Concept committee 4/99

Photometric Calibration of the STScI Digitized Sky Survey
J.Doggett, M.Postman, B.Lasker and M.Meakes
Abstract for paper presented at the January 1997 AAS Meeting in Toronto

Potential Applications of GSC-II for GAIA Operations
(1.4M postscript)
B.M.Lasker, B.J.McLean, H.Jenkner, M.G.Lattanzi and A.Spagna
"Future Possibilities for Astrometry in Space", 1995 ESA SP-379 pg.137

Annual Project Meetings:

Proceedings of 6th Annual GSC-II Meeting
held nearBaltimore Oct 19-20 2000

Proceedings of 7th Annual GSC-II Meeting
to be held nearTorino Oct 22-23 2000


GSC II Publicity:

GSC2.2 Public Release Announcement from the 198th AAS meeting

GSC2.2 Handout from the 198th AAS meeting