GSC-II Image Gallery


The following is a collection of images that caught our eyes while working with the scans of the photographic plates. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view. Return to CASB Home.

Stefan's Quintet NGC 5128
Centaurus A
A Seyfert 2, Sc galaxy
Dumbbell Nebula
NGC 4622
An Sb galaxy
NGC 3621
An Sc galaxy
NGC 7331
An Sb galaxy
NGC 2427
An Sc galaxy
An S Galaxy in the Constellation Cetus. NGC 2223
An SBbc galaxy
NGC 5643
A Seyfert 2, Sc galaxy
NGC 4709
in a cluster of galaxies
NGC 1360
Planetary Nebula
NGC 1302
An Sa galaxy
NGC 3521
An Sbc galaxy
NGC 6300
An Sc (or possibly irregular) spiral galaxy
Cygnus Loop NGC 4856
An SB0a galaxy
A globular cluster
NGC 5054/NGC 5044 Group
An Sb galaxy
NGC 4743
and other galaxies
ESO 269-IG 074
An irregular S type pair
Centaurus Cluster
and several galaxies
ESO 256-19
A nebula NGC 253
Sculptor Galaxy
NGC 908
An Sc galaxy
NGC 1187
An SBbc galaxy
NGC 1232
An Sc galaxy
NGC 1255
An SBb/Sc galaxy
NGC 1325
An Sb galaxy
NGC 1332
An S0 galaxy
NGC 4727
and NGC 2724

There was a supernova here in 1965.
NGC 1395
An elliptical galaxy
IC 2469
An Sc galaxy
NGC 3390
An S0a galaxy
  NGC 2207
An Sc galaxy
NGC 1964
An Sb galaxy