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The DSS is available on-line from the following data centers :

On-line retrieval from the MAST Archive by position or from a specific survey plate
Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF) @ the European Southern Observatory (ESO).
Canadian Astronomical Data Center (CADC).
Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS).
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
Leicester Database and Archive Service (LEDAS).
SkyView at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Archive in Korea.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific previously published a subset of these data to the community on CDROM (they have now been discontinued).

The Digitized Sky Survey (DSS-I) which is a 10x compressed copy of the first epoch POSS-I Red and SERC-J Blue surveys on 102 CDROMs. This was primarily for Observatories, Astronomical Institutions and professional astronomers as this retains virtually all the detail in the original data.
Real Sky which is a 100x compressed copy of the first epoch POSS-I Red survey on 9 CDROMs, together with a an 11 CDROM set, based on southern SERC-J plates from the UK Schmidt. Both are suitable for amateur astronomers and educators.

STScI originally provided the GETIMAGE software for accessing the DSS and continues to use this internally.

A number of interesting astronomical websites use DSS images to illustrate a variety of astronomical objects. Here are a few links that have been reported to us.

European Homepage for HST - FITS Liberator Images
Charles Shahar's color images
Galaxy Map
Mike's Astrophotos
Messier Marathon finder charts



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